School Uniform

School Uniform wilfredian’s look smart in their attire. The categorization is done into 3 parts; which are stated below:PRE-PRIMARY:: for boys Summer—– Yellow Check Shirt, Dark Blue Trousers/Shorts, Navy blue Socks, Black shoesfor Girls Summer—– Yellow Check Shirt, Dark Blue Trousers/Skirts, Navy blue Socks, Black shoesFor Boys and Girls Winter—– Yellow Check Shirt, Dark Blue […]

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About School

About Us About St Wilfred’s School is situated in Panvel amidst the lush green panoramic view. The picturesque layout of the campus across more than 6 acres of area makes each day at school a rejuvenating one. The attractive landscapes, flowerbeds, elegant green and secured surroundings add to the elegance of the campus premises. The

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Our Vision

VISION Vision St. Wilfred’s School in Panvel envisions a future where quality education is the foundation for personal and societal growth. We believe that through conscientious intention, sincere efforts, intelligent guidance, and skillful execution, we can shape a world where knowledge is a beacon of progress and enlightenment.

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Our Mission

Mission Mission St. Wilfred’s School is dedicated to imparting holistic, lifelong learning that empowers our students to be the architects of their own lives. We strive to nurture strong character and a deep sense of responsibility, fostering leaders who contribute to the betterment of our nation. We recognize the uniqueness of every child and are

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