Hostel Facility


Hostel Facility

Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive: Easy to govern, but impossible to enslave \”Lord Bingham\”.

In the changing scenario, boarding schools have become an essential part of school life. In nuclear families, where both the parents work, the education of their children becomes their prime concern. Also parents who reside in small towns or remote areas yearn for standard education for their kids, so that later in their life they do not find themselves lagging behind.

The two running hostels (boys and girls) of St. Wilfred school, Jaipur ensure quality education, health and security of these children in a friendly atmosphere, under the able guidance of their qualified and experienced teachers. The boarders learn the essential life skills, hard work, self dependence and cooperation.

The hostel witnessed another successful year where the teachers us and students worked hard to maintain a disciplined life much needed for an all round development.

It is also taken into consideration that students do not find it dull and monotonous due to a set routine. Hence parties and other events are also conducted for their entertainment, with new admissions to the hostel, a grand party was organized to welcome the fresher with such a happy and vibrant beginning where all gathered and shared, we have no doubts that the coming year will be one of the best in terms of academic output and a fruitful imparting of values to the students.

We look forward to a bright and successful year ahead.