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Before columbus, all previous adventurers sailed close to the shore, within sight of land. That was accepted way to sail. Columbus dared to be different. He refused to do what all others had done. He took a risk: he sailed perpendicular to the shore- straight out to sea and because he let go of the known and had the bravery to sail out into the unknown, he became one of the greatest heroes.

Education is about widening the imaginative powers of a child by making him curious for everything he sees / feels thus helping him explore the abundance in life , teaching him the possibilities of making true his dreams as he learns that everything is possible if he believes in it.
Today's generation is extremely smart and confident and i believe just needs to be shown the direction. In school we try and gently sway the child towards the appropriate direction and rest is just magic he creates

- Mrs.Shachi Jolly.

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