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Our Prime institutes

Our Prime institutes

St. Wilfred Education Society has widened its horizon through successful running of other prime institutions named below other than
St. Wilfred’s Senior Secondary School Affiliated to CBSE. Delhi.

  1. St. Wilfred's School, Panvel
  2. St. Wilfred's High-School, Panvel
  3. St. Wilfred's Institute of Pharmacy, Panvel
  4. St. Wilfred's Institute of Architecture, Panvel
  5. St. Wilfred's College of Law, Panvel
  6. St. Wilfred's College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Panvel
  7. CSMIT - Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Institute of Technology, Panvel
  8. St. Wilfred's P.G. College, Jaipur
  9. St. Wilfred's College for Girls, Jaipur
  10. St. Wilfred's College of Law, Jaipur
  11. St. Wilfred's Institute of Management & Technology, Jaipur
  12. St. Wilfred's Teacher’s Training College, Jaipur
  13. St. Wilfred's College of Technology, Jaipur
  14. SWS College, Jaipur
  15. WIIT, Jaipur
  16. St. Wilfred's Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ajmer
  17. St. Wilfred's Institute of Architecture, Ajmer
  18. St. Wilfred's Institute of Management, Ajmer 
  19. St. Wilfred's P.G College, Ajmer
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