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General Rules

1.  Your ward should come to school regularly on time.

2.  Students should be neatly  and properly dressed as per the school norms.

3.  Students should be regular in their homework .

4.  Remarks made by the teacher should be read thoroughly and duly signed by the parent.

5.  A leave application should be sent in case your ward is absent.

6.  Your ward should have respect for school property and damage done or made by him/her would be fined.

7.  Parents are not allowed to visit their ward or teacher in the class room while the class is in progress.

8 .Students are not entitled to re -test if they remain absent on the exam day / unit test

9.  Wearing any type of jewellery / accessories are not permitted.

10 . Attending school parents teacher meet is compulsory.

11.  Parents / gurdians are requested to intimate the school of any change in their address.

12.  If the report card or school fee booklet is lost by the student ,duplicate will be issued at the cost of Rs 100/- .

13.  Withdrawl of your ward from classes for mere social functions is not recomemded.


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